Formosa AQUA
Formosa AQUA is the biggest wholesale and importers also exporters of unique marine fish (artificial fish)Freshwater fish,
corals feed, algae,copepods, shellfish, and fish feed.
We provides excellent sea fish and a various kinds of products to the world wide,including US、Japan、Germany、Hong kong、China.
      • Established in 1990 in California,USA,Tropical Fish International
      • Sales all kinds of marine fishes like Maze Angelfish...etc in 2009
      • Founded as Formosa AQUA in 2013
      • Quality of coral and marine fish, freshwater fish
      • Quality of coral and aquatic feed

Formosa AQUA provides variety of products to breeding fans,this will make breeding get more easier;
but most importantly,artificial breeding will improve the problem of overfishing.
Formosa AQUA understands that many coral reefs tanks are lack of sufficient natural food,so we published all kinds of feeds are able to improve the corals (SPS and LPS) and fish growth effectively.
We're always looking for new partners internationally so please get in touch.
                                  “We're very proud,these products are just natural, and 'also very effective and full of nutrition”
Formosa AQUA是亞洲最具規模的海水魚(人工撈取)、淡水魚、珊瑚飼料、微藻、橈足、貝類、魚飼料批發及進出口商。
    • 1990年成立於美國加州,Tropical Fish International。
    • 2009年銷售Maze Angelfish(黑金蝶)等各種海水魚
    • 2013年成立,Formosa AQUA

Formosa AQUA提供了多種產品,從微藻到大型珊瑚礁魚,我們也推出各種的食物,有效的改善珊瑚(SPS和LPS)生長